12 Week Challenge

We all want and and have the desire to get fit. Unfortunately, life has a way of stacking up countless family and work commitments which prevent a lot of us from training how we want to. This is why you need a 12 week transformation plan. Taking the struggle out of finding the time to visit an actual gym or attending a regular fitness class, taking advantage of online training allows you to get in the shape of your life from your own home. Completely designed to work around you and for you, you’ll never have to worry about getting to the gym again. GWS PT is also flexible enough to cater for any individual, regardless of their current circumstance. Be it new mums who want to train around their baby’s sleep patterns, those who work irregular shifts, or individuals who don’t feel comfortable attending the gym, GWS PT can change your life, no matter what position you find yourself in.


As part of the 12 week transformation plan you get all of this...


Instant Messaging

Instant messaging to ask questions, submit your progress and to speak to a trainer to keep motivated.


Meal Plans

Already done for you meal plans that you can follow based on your goal and calorie requirement. With 6 to choose from.


Tracking Your Food

With food tracking, you can take photos of your food and upload it to your personal account to keeo track of your diet.


Weekly Workouts

A guide for you to follow at your space in your time. 


Life Long Change

Weekly habits to make the smallest of changes to make the biggest of differences that will stay with you for good.


Monitor Your Results

With regular assessments and photo check ins we keep on track of where you are and how you're progressing


Always on Hand

To help guide, support and motivate you through the journey you get access to me when you need through the app.


We Track Everything

Easy to read charts for instant feedback on everything we track: training results, daily activity, food diary, habits, body measurements, weight, and so much more.